Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Ojai

We came home from Christmas in California with 122 pictures. Grandma and Aunty Milly went overboard this year and were beyond excited to meet & spoil Bryony. Abigail and Morgan had a blast together. It was definitely a special Christmas this year and hard to choose which of the 122 I should post!

baking cookies to leave out for Santa

Milly's Martha Stewart skills

Christmas Eve at the Neiderhisers: Tayten, Jayci, Abigail & Morgan

ah, sweet new niece

still the most handsome dad in the world

Christmas Morning!! Do you think ....

she was ....

excited??!?! :)

top gifts: Giraffe Pillow Pet

and a guitar

far too much excitement for a five-week old

first attempt at a family picture

second attempt

ok, forget it

the Hollands & the Madonnas

hanging out waiting while mummy breastfeeds again

first bath together

and when we got home to Phoenix - one more gift, from nanna & grandad!

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