Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bryony - Four Months Old

Here she is! Four months old and every picture smiling :)

Still feeding and growing like a weed (13lbs 2oz at her 4mth appointment), Bryony is an easy-going happy baby. She is very alert and hardly naps at all. Well, she'll nap at school, where it's nice and peaceful I suppose, but has been known to only nap forty-five minutes the whole day on a Saturday or Sunday. What else? Well, we know she is a Parker because she loves TV. She'll crane her neck to make sure she can see it, sometimes contorting it 180 degrees I think. Here she is watching Tangled with Abigail, set up in her own armchair:

a rare nap, with her face squished against the back of the couch

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