Sunday, March 6, 2011


Abigail says so many funny things that it's impossible to record them all. But I've tried to remember a few to come & share them here. So, recent conversations with an about-to-be-four-year-old:

"You look pretty mum, I like your eye-lipstick"

When racing with her, she says "I beat you up, I beat you up!". We have to remind her that it's just "beat you". Where she has learnt about beating up I don't know.

A: "Jaysen flashed me & I was upset"
Me: "what do mean he flashed you Abby?"
A: "we were in the bathroom and he flashed me" (at this point, I'm getting concerned)
Me: "well, why did he do that?"
A: "because I was at the sink and he wanted the sink so he flashed me"
Me: "do you mean he splashed you?"
A: "yeah, he splashed me & I was mad" (ah, OK)

Me: "finish your dinner Abigail, or you won't get any dessert"
A: "but I don't have room in my stomach for any more dinner"
Me: "OK, well, if there's no room for dinner, then there must be no room for dessert either"
A: "well, there is because, look, I keep dinner on this side and desserts on this side"

Me: "Abby, I talked to her mum and your school friend Keira can't make it to your birthday party"
A: "oh, but I wanted her to come"
Me: "I know, but unfortunately she will be in California so she has to miss it"
A: "oh, OK, that's OK, she can just come to my five birthday"

A: "when I'm a mummy, I'm going to live in Ava's old house because nobody lives in there now" (our next door neighbours recently moved out)
Me: "oh, really?"
A: "yes, and would you like to come over for dinner mum?"

Me: "today is Presidents Day, Abby, do you know what that is?"
A (excited): "yes, it's Presidents Day because you get PRESIDENTS"
(Hmm, she's going to be disappointed!)

"mum, I ate sooo  much breakfast and my tummy is getting sooo big, look, soon it will be big enough to have a baby in there" (hmmm, how to answer this one?!)

"mum, you know Connor at my school? You know, Connor - with fuzzy sticky-up soft fluffy kind of short but not that short fuzzy yellow hair?"

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