Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2nd Trimester

So, the 2nd Trimester has brought some fun changes to our house. Mostly because my energy & appetite are back. I may also be 'nesting' as the term says - wanting to start moving Abigail to her new room so I can set up the nursery with fun baby things despite having, oh say, nearly six months, till said baby is due, ha ha.

So, here we are, Abby taking over the last of our guest room with strawberry paint:

And me back to cooking again! How does lemon & leek stuffed Cornish hen sound to you? I really should have taken the picture AFTER cooking, not before!

Don't think we eat 'gourmet' all the time. Pregnancy has involved more than my usual fair share of McDonalds. Abby doesn't mind:

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