Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just More Photos of Our Growing Girl

Despite my best intentions to keep exceptionally 'girly' stuff out of our house, we have started playing Princess, or Bride, a LOT. At least twice a week Jake or I have to go through a little ceremony 'marrying' Abigail. Jake is the officiant, and babbles some words about promising to love her as her mummy forever & her loving me forever, and then we are declared married & we kiss & I have to follow her about for the next half-hour being told what to do.

Running the hallway:

And just to give you a recent conversation:
Abigail in loud excited voice: "mum, when I grow, I'm going to be SO SO BIG, SO BIG like my dad. He is THIS TALL - he is SO BIG, that's how big I'm going to be!"
*silence for a minute*
Abigail in quiet sad voice: "sigh, but not like you mum, because you're only medium"

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