Wednesday, June 23, 2010

School Report

At age three, Abby's School Report reads something like this:

Abigail has changed the most in the almost-year we've had her in our classroom. She is now very independent, and one of our social butterflies. She is not shy with her feelings but does still need to work on talking to her teachers instead of instantly crying when something upsets her.

Abigail meets all the cognitive, language and gross motor skills expected of her age group. (There were a couple of tests to show number/letter/shape recognition from Feb to now and her growth was huge). Loves to colour & has started drawing recognisable shapes. Pretends to read & write (taking menu orders).

She loves imaginitive play, especially doctor & dentist, as well as baby dolls. She uses blocks as microphones & pans as guitars - always turning to music & dancing before all else if given the choice.

Abigail is our chatterbox - she carries on conversations with friends & teachers. We sometimes have to ask her to calm down so that other children, those more shy, can also have a chance to answer the teacher's question.
We will be sad to say goodbye to this particular group as they move up to the Preschool room in August. Abigail is excited & more than ready for this move.

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