Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Enough About Abigail ...

... and a little about mini-Madonna #2.

I had my 16wk appointment today, apparently baby is about this big:

Baby also threw us for a loop by lowering that high 'girls' heartbeat to a low 'boys' one (I know, silly old wives tale but it's fun to guess).

We (me) are simply bursting to find out what we're having this time - the excitement of that is even bigger than the first time for me. I am itching to picture our family, as well as itching to know whether the 9000 boxes of beautiful girls clothes in the garage can be used again or not. I am very grateful that we had a lot of gender-neutral white, cream, yellow & green when Abby was born but who am I kidding? There's still an awful lot of pink & lavender in there too that I can't see putting a boy in. So, who knows? Will I be shopping in the blue section this fall? That'd be fun (although more expensive than another girl). We'll see. Stay tuned.

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