Friday, June 4, 2010

Las Vegas

Hmm? How to describe this trip?! It started out five girls, ready & excited to celebrate our friend Heather's 30th birthday without our kids:

Being her birthday, Heather was unwillingly forced to belly-dance at the Moroccan restaurant we ate at:

And, this is all I have to post for pictures. Because that delicious Moroccan meal caused chaos for me for the rest of the trip. Apparently, a girl with morning sickness who hasn't attempted anything but bread & cheese for a month has a hard time with a 5-course rich Moroccan menu. Next day, I was throwing up for NINE hours, to the point where my OB told me that the girls would have to drive me to a Las Vegas ER if I couldn't keep any fluids down. Lovely. Can you imagine a Las Vegas ER?! I'm picturing drunks, druggies & prostitutes, not pregnant women from England. And not what the girls had in mind for their Las Vegas weekend.
So I spent 48hrs in the hotel room, allowed to take some medication or other (even finding that was a challenge - the OB told me to 'just find a Walgreens' which in any other city is not a problem but Las Vegas is not a normal city!), and I waited for our flight home.
Happy 30th Birthday Heather and Viva Las Vegas :)


AFandUB said...

Thanks for all of the great pictures and updates. Sorry about the morning sickness. I never had any with either one of mine.

Tell Grandma S... she looks great!!

Love ya, AFandUB

Anne said...

Kelly I just caught up on your blog--jeez you poor thing! And here I was thinking you were over nausea, yikes! Sorry to hear about your weekend going South :( All else looks so fun though and Abby's adorable! xo Anne